Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crazy Week! And It's Only Wed

So this has been a crazy week and it's barely Wednesday and yesterday coming home was a nightmare! This major bridge where I live at was closed causing a major disaster on the freeway I take home. According to the news it was a lady who wanted to commit suicide by jumping off this bridge and it took them almost 5 hours to convince her to not do it and be able to take her to the hospital for evaluation. It really sucked because of traffic, but more than anything because it is sad that someone could even think of taking their own life away... I honestly pray that she is ok and that whatever is going on in her life may be resolved and she be healed from that emotional distress.

So let's move on to something more positive :) it's getting colder!!! and I love it! I can wear my boots and scarfs and coats.... although it doesn't get that cold here lol Somebody once told me I look like a bum cuz I always wear coats! LOL but hey! I'd rather never be cold ;) and if I look like a "bum" then oh well! but don't come close to me to get warm if you get cold lol

This week I have been working hard! My thumb even hurts from making all these super cute hair pins and some rings. I honestly wish I could keep them :) they are super cute! I'll post some so you can see :) I actually got inspired because after looking through all this ribbon I have I found some cute yellow vintage ribbon along with just cute ribbon that I didn't even know I had! Ok well here are some I will post some more later...

I hope you enjoyed and see ya soon!



Softpencil said...

Beautiful buttons!

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