Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Items and Upcoming Posts

I have been working on some new items to list on my shop as well as some little tutorials that I have been asked to do. Here is two:
  • Tutorial for making your own ponytail holders
  • Tutorial on the many ways you can wear bobbies

Also, on a little side note don't forget to check out my new "ON SALE" section. Some of these items even include FREE shipping!!! Here is a taste of some of the bobbies listed under this section:

Here a few pics of the new bobbies I have been working on and that will soon be up on my Etsy:

As I was packaging some items to send out and making my cute little thank you tags I realized that I could share those with others who might like them and have them up for sale in my shop! I am almost done. I have decided to sell 15 for $2.50 and included the choice of ribbon so that way they are ready to use. So keep your eyes open for when they are up. I will post a picture on here before they go on my Etsy.


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