Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Couple of Ideas to Wear those Bobbies =)

Ok, so here are a couple of pics of how you can wear those adorable button bobbies.

This first one is a little poof in the front and 2 bobbies are used to secure it:

In the following 2 pictures the bobbies are used as decoration on some hair buns:

This 3rd picture is the most common way you can use them. You can criss-cross them (which is usually what I do) or even use different colors:

And, this very last picture is of one of the many fabric flowers I have been working on. What I did was used several layers of fabric to make it and finished it off with a fabric covered button. Keep your eyes open because I will soon be posting them on my Etsy (I just have to take a picture of all of them).


Blueberry Shoes said...

such pretty hair! great ideas..wish my hair was a little thicker!

kMT graphic design said...

Wow, well done! I want to wear bobbies now too!

LeBoutique said...

thanks gals =) i will be adding better pics and more ideas soon ;)