Sunday, May 24, 2009

Something for mom...

So a little over 3 weeks my mom had to have shoulder surgery and it has been hard for her to raise her arm and put her clothes on. All she has been wearing are button up shirts and a little brown cape she had bought a while back, but! it was getting pretty boring and she had nothing else she could put on and I figured I would get out my paper, pencil, muslin and make myself a pattern so that I could take out my sewing machine and make her at least another one and she can feel great and look great =) and even though we live in sunny San Diego, it can get pretty chili in the evenings, especially since she lives closer to the coast.

I ended up drafting my pattern and sewing her 3 in half a day =) I only took a picture of the first one (which wasn't the best since it was my first sewing project in a long while) to share. I gotta say I really liked getting back on the machine and as I went on the second they almost look like a pro made them lol... if I do say so myself LOl. Anyways, here it is =)

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