Saturday, June 6, 2009

A collage of a day!

I have tons of fabric and found also some felt and in order to try and clean out my stash I decided to make them into cute little hair accessories. Some are made of felt and the others are flowers made of tapestry fabric=) adorable! As you can tell they will be bobby pins and soon to be posted on my Etsy shop. They are not completely done, but here is a pic.

Today the hubby and I also went to do some thrift shopping. I found some awesome shoes, scarf, and and vintage D&B drawstring bag!!! I see it's potential =) I just need some leather cleaner and voila! like new =) and last, but certainly not least fabric =)


KLBK said...

I'm always interested in people's workspaces

wherever they may be!

LeBoutique said...

lol for now mine is in front of my comp lol ;)