Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Scenery Route

As I mentioned in my last blog... I have recently have had to commute longer to work because I am now stationed at 2 locations instead of one.  Both locations VERY different yet beautiful in their own way and yes both in San Diego!  Here are some pictures of the beautiful views I enjoy on my way to one of these offices.  On some you can see the mountains have a little snow.  I have learned that it usually snows up here during the month of February... so we will see how it goes for me!  I have recently purchased some UGGs... finally! I have to say... my feet are actually warm!! They really do work lol

So here are some of the pictures. I took them from my car... maybe I'll retake some getting off my car :) Enjoy!

These next two pictures are of a little creek I have to cross on my way to work.  I have heard it gets really flooded sometimes and that it runs pretty fast (it can actually take your car!), but luckily right now the water is very low.... it's adorable!

This last picture is actually the view from my office window :)

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Happy Find said...

Awww... so beautiful! Tell me you don't drive this every day...